We have a dedicated Team, whose aim is to provide service in order to meet each

customer's needs.

Preventive maintenance

We offer preventive maintenance services, which minimize the need for parts replacement due to misuse, as well as significantly extend the lifespan of the equipment and maximize its productivity by reducing corrective stops during the production process.

Corrective maintenance

We strive to respond quickly to corrective maintenance calls in order to minimize potential production outages caused by (I) equipment defects, (II) wear that prevents the operation of machines or (III) operational failures.

Remote assistance

That way, even at distance, our technicians are able to connect themselves to the machines and get a preliminary view of the issues reported. It is an useful and agile tool, which can often suffice in solving problems. It is worth mentioning that this service is only possible in equipment with this function enabled and that are connected to the internet. In addition, access occurs only when allowed by the customer.

Spare parts resale

We also assist our customers in the purchase of spare parts.

Installation and commissioning

In addition to installing newly purchased equipment, our technicians can also carry out possible changes in pre-existing machines and systems. Eventually, depending on the complexity of the work and when recommended by the manufacturers, our team can be accompanied by specialized technicians coming from Europe.


We serve with the goal of making our customers more autonomous by encouraging a more participative maintenance, where our technicians transmit to the operators or other internal employees the main knowledge necessary for a proper operation of the equipment.


Always aiming to provide quality services, we are continuously investing on instructing our technicians, who are often sent abroad to be trained and keep up with the latest news.